The US criminal justice system is broken. Police and prisons have become the de-facto response to addiction, mental illness, trauma, and poverty, leaving us with a system that exacerbates inequality and perpetuates drivers of crime. However, people across the political spectrum have woken up to the need for change. There is growing momentum behind long-term, structural criminal justice reforms that improve safety and justice in our communities and shift focus from punishment towards rehabilitation and re-entry.

We are connecting, energizing and supporting a collective of donors, influencers, businesses, and front-line organizations. Together we’re working to accelerate and scale the much-needed and inspiring ideas, campaigns, and practices that will reform the criminal justice system and reshape its impacts. The Criminal Justice Reform Collective is an informal network that aligns support and influence with the individuals and groups advancing broad, deep and systemic criminal justice reforms that will make communities safer and stronger.


  • Ending mass incarceration: A staggering 2.2 million people are currently incarcerated in the US at a tremendous cost to families, communities, and taxpayers. Our work seeks to reduce the number of people behind bars and address the socio-economic factors behind their imprisonment.

  • Creating better chances: We’re unlocking human potential by supporting and celebrating businesses and non-pro ts that train and employ people affected by the criminal justice system to break the cycle of recidivism.

  • Ending the death penalty: Capital punishment is the ultimate manifestation of what’s wrong with the US criminal justice system. We’re working to reduce and ultimately eliminate its acceptance and use.


The Criminal Justice Reform Collective is a project of Virgin Unite bringing together organizations, donors, entrepreneurs, and influencers united by the goal of advancing criminal justice reform in the United States. The Collective focuses on networking, advocacy, and fundraising to support the efforts of frontline organizations driving change. It serves both as a network between organizations promoting criminal justice reform and an intermediary between these groups and individuals who wish to support them.

The Collective is growing an influential community of support for criminal justice reform. To learn more about participating in our work, please contact Joshua Wiese at